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Listing ID:179002
Title:Serenity Retreat
Description:The ambience of Serenity Retreat has been created to provide a peaceful space that promotes beauty, tranquillity and deep relaxation through a holistic approach that attends to the needs of the body, mind and spirit. A place where you can escape leaving all the stresses and strains of modern day life behind. Here at Serenity Retreat, our passion is health and well-being providing outstanding service whilst paying attention to detail.  We have an extensive range of excellent treatments designed to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our skilled therapists offer a diverse range of holistic therapies, therapeutic massages, healing energy work, beauty and body treatments which are delivered to an exceptional standard. Serenity Retreat offers relaxing massages, healing, deluxe facials and hair removal services. We are committed to providing you with an experience which is tailored to your individual requirements to ensure that you get the best possible personalised treatment. Walking into a beauty spa can be overwhelming and here at Serenity Retreat, you can rest assured that your appointment will always be on a one to one basis. ​ Our treatment room is designed to give each of our client’s total discretion and privacy without the need to sit in a busy waiting room discussing your personal requirements.  Our treatments are suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages. ​ Our premises are located in Folkestone, Kent, which have stunning views overlooking Folkestone Harbour and the English Channel.  Serenity Retreat is able to take the stress and worry about attending your appointment. We offer free off-road parking for our customers for the duration of their treatment giving you peace of mind that you can totally relax and unwind without the need to worry about traffic wardens.
Category:Top » Health
Owner Name:Caron De Kock

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