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Title:DW2R/Don't Wait 2 Rejuvenate
Description:Here are our the services we are most known for! Patients travel from all around Los Angeles to see us for: Stem Cell Facelift Stem cells are placed on the face topically using patent technology and there are two other procedures we perform to penetrate underneath the skin (non-surgical). Face Lift We use a try polar machine (non-invasive) over the whole neck, face, and forehead. We then apply a special from related stem cell sternum that penetrates all the way down to the dermis. PRP Facelift We draw your blood, we centrifuge it using patented technology, then we add growth factors. It is all natural and will be applied to the face topically. Nonsurgical Facelift Everything we do at our practice is non-invasive and non-surgical. We don't even inject into the face! Micro Needling Micro-needling is all done below 1mm. The 100% organic natural products we use is what helps rejuvenate scar tissue. Skin Care All of our technicians, doctors, and nurses are certified by AQ Skin Solutions - the number one product in the world for skincare rejuvenation! PRP Injection Heal and rejuvenate without any surgery! PRP Joint Injection Dr. Ghaly is a world-renowned doctor for his PRP shoulder and knee injections for recovering athletes. Laser Scar Removal Reduce scar tissue with the power of a laser! Acne Scar Removal After six treatments acne scars can be virtually eliminated. Acne Removal Using micro-needling and PRP. Works very well! Spider Vein Removal Dr. Ghaly uses a patented formulated medicine and procedure that virtually removes spider veins. Filler Removal We use proprietary technology to remove unwanted filler from the face. Bio Identical Hormones Dr. Ghaly is a world renowned lecturer and speaker on bio-identical hormones. Dr. Ghaly has helped thousands of women! No Botox - No Fillers We are an all natural medical clinic - no need for fillers or Botox. Botox is botulism; fillers are a foreign object that you don't want in your face. EECP 100% natural treatment for heart recovery. Growth Hormone We can do a blood test to measure your growth hormone levels. If doctor feels there is a need for growth hormones then he will prescribe it for you. Facelifts and other services we offer: Angel facelift Liquid facelift Non-surgical facelift PRP Hair Treatments Skin Tightening Facial Rejuvenation Acne Removal Scar Removal Hair Loss Treatments/Remedies/Procedures Filler Removal IV.
Category:Top » Health
Owner Name:Richard Croft

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